Josiah, Dina, and their three-year-old daughter Mercy, are an integral part of the Niger TIMO team. They are representatives from Africa Inland Church Kenya on a team that is also made up of members of AIM and SIM.  When asked how their journey from Kenya to Niger began, Josiah’s answer was quick.  “Matthew 9:35-38.  These are the verses that moved our hearts for Missions. We felt that God was calling us to reach our Muslim brothers and sisters who are desperate and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”


This burden to reach Muslims led Josiah, Dina, and Mercy to AIC Kenya’s Eldoret Missionary Training School. While there, God made their calling even more specific. As Josiah and Dina sought out people who were working in Muslim ministry, a mentor connected them with a friend in AIM and they were told about the Niger TIMO team beginning in May 2016.

Josiah and Dina then started to pray and seek Gods provision for support. They shared with churches throughout Kenya about their need and congregations promised to pray with them. Many support letters were written to different churches, most without reply. Discouraged, Josiah and Dina felt like giving up. However, their home church promised to walk with them in prayer, and though they have yet to meet their monthly support target, they were able to join the team.  Currently two churches in Eldoret are contributing monthly to their support needs and two churches in Nairobi have raised funds for initial one-time gifts.

Being under-support is trying for any missionary, and Josiah and Dina ask for prayer that God will provide them with a way to minister to the Fulani in Niger, fully funded.  Also, their daughter Mercy, is only three, so as they don’t need to think about her schooling yet, they foresee this as being a future challenge.  Please pray with them for good, affordable schooling options when the time comes.  Finally, continue to pray for the Fulani people of Niger and for the team that is working among them. Praise God for the ways that He is already using this new team to move the hearts of Fulani people to repentance and trust in Jesus.  And pray that the example of Josiah and Dina’s obedience would raise up many more missionaries from the 21 million professing Kenyan Evangelical Christians.