As you know, AIM is a global family. This presents a unique challenge as we respond to the current coronavirus pandemic unfolding around us.

For our members on the field, their lives and work have been disrupted much like the rest of the world, but with some added stresses. All our missionaries have local support networks through their regional leadership for times such as this. AIM has always functioned like a big family, and though our members may be far from “home”, they are part of capable and caring communities wherever they may be.

Here at AIM’s USA Headquarters, we remain focused on the needs of these overseas workers so they will be fully supported during this crisis. While it is not business as usual, our core support services (receipting, banking, member care, health benefits support, etc.,) carry on. Still, we are also being careful to protect our office staff and we have a good number working from home. While we are available to serve, be aware that we are stretched. Please be patient as we seek to focus on the most urgent issues.

While this is a time of unprecedented challenge and change, we also have our Candidate Department open to continue to walk with people who want to explore serving in cross-cultural ministry in the future. Feel free to make inquiries. We will not plan on personal visits, but we are fully available for emails, phone calls, etc. This time of slowing our lives down might be a great time to reflect on what God is leading you to do as you consider your future. We are looking for people who are thinking about where they want to be in a year or two, so this is not a bad time to lay the ground work for what might be next.

Africa Inland Mission has not faced this particular challenge before, but we can find encouragement in our 125-year history. We have faced the 1918 Flu Pandemic, the Great Depression, the 1st and 2nd World War, and more recently, the AIDS crisis. In every case, our members and their supporters found a way to allow us to maintain a faithful witness in Africa.

Meanwhile, may we all take real steps to “Let the Peace of Christ Rule in our Hearts” so that we can be a source of blessing to others.

March 23 2020