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Homeschool Teachers

short term and occasionally full term

Ministry to Missionary Children, Outreach and church planting, Youth Ministry

Invest in Children.
Bless a Missionary Family.
Support Outreach among Unreached Peoples
Because of Africa Inland Mission’s emphasis on reaching the unreached of Africa, many of our personnel serve in remote places, with few local educational options for their children.
That’s why we’re so grateful for men and women with teaching gifts and a heart for kids who step forward to serve as homeschool teachers. People like Karin, who served for a year in a remote part of central Mozambique homeschooling three missionary children. “I never even knew homeschooling was a ‘thing’ on the mission field,” says Karin.
“I thought the best way my time could be used was in support of long-term missionaries and the work they are already doing.
“Homeschool teaching allowed me both to fulfill a tangible need (teaching), while giving me a picture of what long-term missions is like.”


Various locations across Africa

Personal Characteristics and Qualifications

An ideal homeschool teacher is a certified educator, perhaps a new college graduate or a recently retired school teacher. Candidates should have a desire to invest in the lives of missionary children and to play a vital role in helping to bring the gospel to the unreached.

April 26, 2019

Julie, a homeschool teacher for a team serving among the unreached Zigua people of Tanzania, shares a laugh with some kids from her village.


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