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Kondoa TIMO Team

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Outreach and church planting

Join a new 2.5-year-long TIMO (Training In Ministry Outreach) team to central Tanzania in 2020. This team will serve in Kondoa, a growing city set just off the main road that stretches from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt.

Working in partnership with the Africa Inland Church of Tanzania, the team will focus on evangelism among unreached peoples, and on equipping and mobilizing local believers for ministry among the unreached. The team will be free to consider a wide variety of ministry platforms such as agriculture, health, teaching in local schools, theological education, sports and youth ministries, Discovery Bible Studies, and more.

As part of their language and culture learning, team members will work to learn Kiswahili, the predominant language of the region.

The team will be spread throughout the community, and come together weekly for prayer, mutual encouragement, planning, and to work through the TIMO curriculum. With a foundation for long-term ministry and language ability in Swahili, team members will be encouraged to investigate opportunities for ongoing ministry, either in Kondoa, or other parts of East Africa when the team concludes.


Kondoa, Tanzania

Experience & Qualifications

Basic AIM membership requirements.

Personal Characteristics

A strong spiritual life with an emphasis on discipling others.

Updated 8-2019


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