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North Africa Business Team

full term

Outreach and church planting, Creative access/ Business as Mission

Located in a strategic city in a North African country, this will be a team of 8 to 12 adults engaging in business to establish a genuine and viable presence that will open doors to ministry. This is a creative access location, where only 0.2% of the population are professing Christians, and those who choose to follow Christ are often persecuted for their faith. Each team member will work on learning the local language and culture, and building trust and relationships in their communities. We want to be led to those who are hungering for truth and who are willing to study the Word with us. Through prayer, and intentionally sowing seeds in everyday life, we will seek to lead others to Christ and disciple new believers.


Urban. Undisclosed

Experience & Qualifications

Ability to live in a creative access context. A strong prayer life and building a strong prayer team back home will be foundational for this team. Some experience in business is desirable.

Personal Characteristics

Essential values: Team prayer. Obedience to God’s Word. Strong proclamation. A biblical perspective on persecution.


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