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North Africa Outreach Teams

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Outreach and church planting, Creative Access

Live an intentional Christian life in a North African community.
We’re looking for men and women with a heart to serve in an Islamic context in North Africa. In most nations in the region, it is not possible to get a missionary visa. But God has opened doors for his people to live and serve through business startups, professional placements, humanitarian activities, and other viable opportunities; activities that add real value to the community, and provide an avenue for building relationships and sharing truth.
Placements are currently available on two different teams – Contact us to learn more.
  • Located in strategic cities in North Africa, teams of 8 to 12 adults engaging in business to establish a genuine and viable presence that will open doors to ministry. Each team member will work on learning the local language and culture, and building trust through relationships in their communities. We will seek out those who are hungry for truth and willing to study the Word with us.
  • Most personnel applying to serve in this region are required to do a site visit prior to approval for the assignment.
  • Past experience in working with Muslims is preferred.
  • Some experience in business is desirable but not required.
Ref. NRNA1F-0560, NRNA1F-0970, NRNA3F-0383




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