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Riverside Focus Team

full term

Outreach and church planting, Medical ministries, Creative access

The Riverside team will be introduced to a community in northeastern Kenya through a hospital partnership. The team will focus on medical education and community health. Nurses and doctors are welcome to join this team and must come with appropriate qualifications and licenses.

Team members with non-medical backgrounds will be expected to contribute to the Community Health activities in some way. It is hoped that the team can expand into other related transformational development ministries.

Despite the workload of their respective roles, language and culture learning will be a centerpiece of the team ethos as they live contextually in the community.



Experience & Qualifications

Medical Personnel with specialties in OB/Gyn, Pediatrics, or related fields. For others, expertise in Community Development or other related transformational development work.

Personal Characteristics

Able to live in an area marked by unrest and risk.

Dec 21, 2017


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