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Theological Educator

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Theological Education and Discipleship

We long to see African churches communicate the gospel in all its fullness, responding to the lies on offer, and building up believers who will in turn, reach out to their communities. There is a great need to equip African church leaders, preachers, and evangelists so that they can serve their churches well and be a part of reaching the unreached through Biblical teaching and Christlike discipleship.

AIM personnel serve in seminaries and Bible schools (both formal and informal) throughout Africa. By teaching sound doctrine in the classroom, or sharing a cup of tea with students under a tree, they daily invest themselves in the lives of men and women who will lead Africa’s churches.



Current Openings

Theological Educator, Nassa Theological College, Tanzania
Training and preparation of Tanzanian Church leaders through teaching and curriculum development. Looking for an experienced teacher with a Master’s degree. (ERTANF-0032)

Theological Educator, Institute Biblico de Sofala, Mozambique
Teaching at the Institute Biblico de Sofala and working alongside the local church to train and equip church leaders and members to meet the spiritual needs of their community. Looking for an experienced, cross-cultural communicator/teacher with a Master’s degree in Theology or Missions. (SRMOZF-0083)

Theological Educator & Administrator, Birech College, Kitale Kenya
Teaching and mentoring local church leaders to better equip them for leading their congregations deeper into God’s Word, deeper into obedience, with more fervent zeal for reaching the lost. The position includes some administrative support in upgrading the academic standards of the College. Looking for someone with experience in teaching adults and pastoral leadership. Required: BA/MA in Theology, Bible, or Missions. (ERKNWF-0484)

Theological Educator at the LEC Morija Seminary, Lesotho
Teaching seminary classes and mentoring new lecturers. Supporting ministers in their first years through pastoral visits. Looking for someone with TE teaching experience or significant experience working cross-culturally in Africa. A Masters or Doctorate in Theology is desired. One year of language study in Sesotho will be required. (SRLESF-0094)


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