Africa Inland Mission | United States Mobilizing Region

Business As Mission Internship / 2019

AIM Opportunities / Short Term

North Africa: Serve as part of a supervised internship team in a well-established and thriving Business As Mission (BAM) enterprise.

You and your teammates will serve in a 100% Islamic context, and learn what it means to operate a Kingdom business as a means of sharing the Good News with your Muslim friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

Who can serve?

We are looking for 4-6 interns. Recently graduated or graduating seniors with Business majors that have a heart to use Business As Mission long term. We’ll consider various business concentrations and experience including marketing, social media marketing, management, finance, operations, etc.

How much support will I raise?

Scholarships for qualifying applicants are available from the business hosting this team.

A five week period between mid-May to early July

Application deadline: February 4, 2019

How to Apply

Positions on the team are limited and the process has a number of steps. If you’re interested, begin by filling out a Preliminary Application.


  • Preliminary Application
  • Resume
  • 300 words answering the questions “Why should you be considered for this internship?” and “Why should you be considered for scholarship funding?” e-mailed to the Short Term Coordinator
  • Phone call with BAM staff
  • AIM Application for Membership
  • 4 References: 2 general, 1 pastoral, 1 business
  • Background check
  • Skype Interview with BAM staff
  • Skype Interview with AIM staff