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Kick off your sandals and stay awhile.

The sun is going down and children are gathering. At the center of the village, women lay camel-skin mats on the warm sand and the curious come and sit. Under a blanket of stars, the elders begin to tell stories. Tales of old about great hardships and small wonders, prowling lions and local heroes. A rich tradition of storytelling is ubiquitous in Africa. Here on some of the front lines of God’s redeeming work, we have stories too. Journey in with us, through the sights and sounds and stories of AIM’s ministry.

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Songs in the Desert

A song writing seminar helps desert nomads worship God in the language of their heart

Ordinary People: Debbie

She’s followed her love for missionary children from the Congo to Kenya to Chad and has (so far) taught nearly four hundred students. Meet Debbie, one of AIM’s “Ordinary People.”

A Journey into Northern Mozambique

Photo Essay // Journey with an AIM survey team as they explore new ministry opportunities among unreached people groups living in three communities in northern Mozambique.

The Man from Nakapiliman

“The transformations are simply remarkable. As we meet we simply talk about the truths of what scripture is teaching. No sugar coating. Mark has become a joy to be around. Not only has he changed, but so have I.” ~ AIM missionary Lyle Lathrop

Do Not Cross the Red Line

It was a full day of meetings, coffee dates, and paperwork.  I was now settled under the covers and drifting off to sleep when I heard the chime on my phone.  I thought, “I’m not a slave to my phone! Whatever it is can wait.” 

An Undeniable Hope

In a remote coastal village, a reminder that we do not grieve as those who have no hope.

Food From the Sky

I was reminded by a friend this past week how different my life is now, because it’s easy to forget when you have gotten used to your new normal.

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