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Kick off your sandals and stay awhile.

The sun is going down and children are gathering. At the center of the village, women lay camel-skin mats on the warm sand and the curious come and sit. Under a blanket of stars, the elders begin to tell stories. Tales of old about great hardships and small wonders, prowling lions and local heroes. A rich tradition of storytelling is ubiquitous in Africa. Here on some of the front lines of God’s redeeming work, we have stories too. Journey in with us, through the sights and sounds and stories of AIM’s ministry.

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One corner of creation

“There is such beauty on this island… but beyond that natural beauty, there is beauty in God’s best creation – people. The people of Antanamivony, our village, have welcomed us with huge open arms.”

Tucked Away

The Lopit live in villages tucked amidst the slopes of the densely forested mountains of South Sudan. “It kind of feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere,” says Ashley. “It’s very remote – you kind of feel like nobody knows this place.”

Highland shepherds

Here in the tiny mountain kingdom of Lesotho, an outreach team shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with highland shepherds, a marginalized subculture who spend most of their days tending sheep and goats in Lesotho’s rugged mountains.

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