Today I rolled out of bed before the sun was up with a sense of anticipation. It was the first day that my friend was harvesting his rice and he had invited me to join him. So I packed biscuits, water, and my knife, and out to his farm I went. It’s a good 20 minute bike ride out of the village and I was soaked by the time I got there from the dew on the high grass.

He has already started working so I greeted the family and parked my bike at their camp. His whole family has moved out there for the harvest. They live in a house on stilts that is called a “dungu.”

Before I started my friend showed me how to cut the rice low on the stalk and how to cut the heads of grain off the top. He then shows me the proper way to stack the grain in piles. We will leave it there on the ground to dry until harvest is over and then return to gather and thresh it. Mid-morning we stopped for “chai”, or tea. His wife brought out boiled cassava and I offered the biscuits I brought. They were a hit with his children and they ate them all. Looking at the children I am was not sure if it was because the biscuits tasted good or because they are coming off the lean pre-harvest months. I assured myself it is both. After that we worked till noon, when the sun just gets too hot to work, and then we stopped for the day. I wandered over to my corn field and picked some for supper tonight and then off we went to return to the village.

On the way back we talked about a lot of things, but one of those things was what makes a person good or bad. This gave me the chance to share with him that we all do a lot of bad things and there is no hope for us apart from God’s help, which is found in Christ. We talked about the possibility of starting up Bible Stories again. Before we knew it, we were back in the village and I am joyful for being given the opportunity to harvest rice and more importantly to plant the seeds of God’s kingdom in the heart of my friend. Please pray for a spiritual breakthrough as we have been planting “seeds” all over the village in expectation of a bountiful harvest but as of yet we are still waiting for the rain of God’s Spirit to pour out on this place.

Jason R TIMO Team