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Welcome to the Connect section of our website. Here you’ll discover more about the the heartbeat of AIM, through stories and ways to connect to our ministry. And as you explore, invite God into the process. Who knows what you’ll discover or where He may lead you. Many of our missionaries started out right where you are now – our website.

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God is at work in Africa. He’s changing lives. He’s building His Church. And we’re privileged to be a part of that. The stories contained here will tell you a lot about our heart for ministry, and the many ways God is building His Kingdom. We hope these stories will inspire you, encourage you, and better equip you to pray.

We Bring Learner Attitudes

I was honoured when Toriana’s grandmother, Deborah came excitedly to tell me of her baby’s birth and that they were going to name her after me. I was invited to the naming ceremony which is four days after her birth. It was at Deborah's home and only women attended....

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Spring Up O Well

A call to praise (Numbers 21:17-18) Thirsty.  If there was any hope for survival, they would need to find water.  But where does a good leader find water for millions of nomads in the middle of the desert?  The multitudes began to groan and grumble. Finally, there was...

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People with A Quest

by Phil Byler, REO of Central Region “Our ministry must demonstrate that the Christian message is as much at home in a nomad camp as in a western church building” - The Nomadic Peoples Network Sometimes I feel a tingle of thrill up my spine as I read the account in...

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Where the Dhows Sail

The aqua blue waters of the East African coast encircle islands that gleam like emeralds in the sun.  Crashing over coral reefs, the ocean washes upon white sand beaches that form a silver necklace dividing land from sea.   On the mainland, a variety of coves, inlets...

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Back to the Future

By AIM’s Southern REO I find I spend a great deal of my time in the future. Yes, I live in the present - answering emails, spending time with people, reading books, exercising, and so on–but my role as Regional Director for AIM’s Southern Region keeps taking me back...

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