Africa Inland Mission International

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AIM Healthcare Ministries

In addition to meeting incredible physical needs, AIM’s healthcare ministries play a central role in opening doors for other ministries and developing the Church.

From Madagascar to North Africa, from rural clinics to tertiary care institutions, from physiotherapists to doctors, AIM healthcare professionals work among Unreached People Groups across Africa, meeting healthcare needs, caring for people, and sharing Christ.

Healthcare ministry is a powerful witness of God’s love and grace, and offers many blessings to those involved, whether in Africa or elsewhere. But it takes time to learn to do this well, recognizing that we are visitors and partners in healthcare delivery, not the ones ‘in charge’.

Is healthcare ministry professionally rewarding? It certainly is. How stimulating it is to see conditions about which you have only read in textbooks. How fulfilling to encounter seemingly insurmountable problems and work your way through to a solution. Imagine the satisfaction of offering people care they could otherwise never access. What a blessing to pray with patients, knowing that God hears and answers prayer. What a privilege to plant and water the seed of the gospel.

Is healthcare ministry challenging? Without a doubt. It is uncomfortable to live in a foreign country where you can easily miss cues when interacting with people. It is difficult to relax when the unexpected is common and there is a significant lack of control (over circumstances, pharmaceuticals, personnel, etc.). It is discouraging to make (or watch families make) clinical decisions based not on best outcomes but rather on financial costs and resource limitations. It is heart-wrenching to have to accept patient outcomes less optimal than one might hope or expect. It is stretching to work with missionaries who are like-minded, yet coming from diverse backgrounds.

Nevertheless, God is calling healthcare professionals to share the good news of Jesus Christ cross-culturally in Africa. If you are ready to set aside personal control and your current lifestyle in exchange for the challenge and reward of healthcare ministry, proclaiming the gospel among the unreached in Africa, AIM is looking to hear from you.


AIM has needs for a wide range of healthcare personnel including doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals. To learn more about current and upcoming opportunities, follow the link to the AIM mobilizing office nearest you.