AIM and most other international missions recognize the need to mobilize the harvest force in Africa.  Much of the mission work being done in Africa is already being done by African workers.  We in AIM recognize that mobilizing African missionaries must be a significant part of our ministry, and has the potential to bear much fruit, multiply churches, and powerfully  impact the kingdom of God worldwide.

We also recognize that if we are serious about mobilizing African missionaries, we must be willing to contribute financially.  This is a biblical pattern: wealthier churches supporting poorer ones.  We do not at all seek to remove the privilege of sending and supporting missionaries from African churches!  But we want to come alongside churches and help their missionaries with specific needs.  By doing this, we can encourage and help African missionaries and churches, without creating unhealthy dependency.

We are all part of the body of Christ!  We already partner with African missionaries and churches in many ways. Financial partnership is another way for us to function well as the body of Christ in Africa.

At the discretion of the committee and depending upon available resources, we seek to provide financial assistance for African missionaries who meet the following criteria:

1) recommended by AIM personnel or trusted partner

2) Church Planting among African UPG, or mobilization ministry

3) supported by and accountable to sending church

4) Like-minded sending organization or church

5) agree to be accountable to AIM for use of the funds given

6) African origin or nationality

7) Sending church or organization approves funding

8) Agrees and will sign AIM doctrinal statement

Funds will given on a one-time basis, but reapplication is possible. Funds will not be used for regular support of missionaries, but for any of the following purposes.

Priority: Training, logistics, administration, conferences, member care, transportation to/from ministry location

Other possibilities: Ministry materials or project funding, BAM or microfinance, vehicles,  health emergencies.