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2017 Annual Report

Advanced Training Fund – will cease in September 2018

The Advanced Training Fund provided scholarship assistance for Africans seeking a higher level of education to better serve the Church and community.  However, due to insufficient funding, this Fund will cease in September 2018.  Consequently, it’s now no longer possible to make a financial contribution, but you can still support Africans in mission by contributing to the African Missionary Assistance Fund which provides short-term funding for materials, transportation, etc.

Click here for further details:  African Missionary Assistance Fund


Legacy of the Advanced Training Fund:

I am forever grateful for the scholarship that was channelled through the ATF Program and may you kindly pass my gratitude to all our esteemed sponsors. This is to inform you that I am now working on my thesis and by God’s grace I will graduate this year at Africa International University. I am currently assisting my Marakwet community in Bible translation as a translator through the Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL) ministry, so the leadership training has greatly assisted me to work efficiently. ~ a Kenyan student completing his Masters in Organisational Leadership and Management.

Greetings from Kenya. I would like to register my deepest appreciation to your organisation for supporting me for my MA at Africa International University. I am done with my studies and will be graduating next month. I could hardly be able to pay for my fees and you came alongside me to full my academic dreams. I praise God for seeing me through my years of studies. May God bless you richly. ~ a Kenyan student completing his Masters in Organisational Leadership and Management.

I have a lot of appreciation for the financial support the ATF Program has given for my studies here at International Leadership University. Having cleared all of the necessary requirements in school, next week will be my graduation day. I will appreciate the continued prayers for this day and for my future ministry. I will be ministering as a pastor in charge of a congregation in Dodoma, Tanzania. Please, pray for me as I begin this new ministry. Dodoma is the centre of Tanzania and it is the capital city of the country. I am happy that I will be very close to my former Rangi ministry where I can continue to encourage believers as well as my fellow local pastors serving as national missionaries. ~ a Tanzanian who completed his Masters in Leadership and Management.

I am glad to inform you that the knowledge and skill I acquired through the provision of the ATF program is facilitating me to cause great impact in the community. ~ a Ugandan Nurse.