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MediQuest is a four to six week field orientation to a broad range of cross-cultural health ministries, reflecting the diversity of currently available options for medical service. It is particularly designed to stimulate reflection on the interaction of health ministry and AIM’s priority towards engaging Unreached People Groups (UPGS) or catalysing national efforts to do the same.

Team itineraries focus on a variety of health care settings where the team will learn about AIM health ministry’s alongside experienced expatriate and local health care providers.

There are currently opportunities for Medi QUEST to run in East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) 

Four key MediQuest goals are:

  1. To present an overview of AIM’s Health Ministries Strategy by exposure to a variety of health care opportunities and settings
  2. To challenge team members with respect to both the needs and opportunities of Christian health professionals to serve, particularly in areas where Unreached People Groups predominate
  3. To give team members learning opportunities by being hosted and led by a Team Leader who is both an experienced AIMer and also health professional
  4. To give team members opportunities to interact with nationals and learn in practical ways what it means to live and minister cross-culturally.

Through this process for discovery and learning it is AIM’s hope that each participant will have a clearer understanding of the role of health care ministries in response to Jesus ‘command to make disciples. It is also our desire to help participants understand and personally explore potential opportunities for future service.

MediQuest is primarily about exploration and learning. There will be limited opportunities to shadow qualified medical personnel in their clinical practice, however, MediQuest is NOT designed as an opportunity for ‘hands on’ involvement in curative care.


Key components of the MediQuest learning experience include:

  • Discipleship and spiritual growth
  • Exposure to health care ministry and expatriate life in Africa
  • Cross-cultural observation, learning and adaption
  • Holistic ministry service
  • Team life and responsibility
  • Language learning

A MediQuest Team Member should:

  • Have a strong inclination toward personal involvement in cross-cultural health ministry
  • Be committed to a declared major of health care
  • Either be a Health Care Professional or currently be enrolled in a Health Care Professional training program (in general, priority will be given to those more advanced in their studies); pre-professional students are NOT eligible
  • Be eager to be stretched and challenged
  • Be motivated to take personal responsibility for learning
  • Have a desire for in-depth Bible study and personal application of God’s truth
  • Be prepared for basic, rugged living in a variety of cross-cultural situations
  • Be committed to team life including:
    • A willingness to work towards establishing good interpersonal relationships
    • A willingness to give up personal rights
    • A willingness to be vulnerable and accountable to the team
    • A willingness to assume responsibility (both individual and corporate)
    • A willingness to serve others

To find out more, please contact Personnel Manager, Abbi McClure:

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