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Frequently asked questions about Africa Inland Mission

  1. How is AIM different from other mission organisations?

We are an international organisation but our whole focus is on reaching unreached people groups of Africa – both on the African continent and in the diaspora (those who have settled in other parts of the world). Our vision is Christ-centred churches among all African peoples.

AIM provides holistic member care through our Africa Based Support team, this includes counselling, IT, finance, insurance and freight shipping support; as well as aviation services and guesthouses available to missionaries. 

  1. Who can be a missionary with Africa Inland Mission?

Currently, AIM has more than 220 opportunities available for families, couples, individuals and teams to become full-term or short-term missionaries. Full term is service for 1 year or more, short term is up to 12 months. We seek people with a range of skills, professions and experiences to join AIMs ministry. The key is to be open to God, willing to share the gospel and make disciples.

  1. What qualifications does AIM require?

AIM will require Biblical and missiological competencies for all full term missionaries, and can recommend suitable training courses if needed. Depending upon the assignment you may also need ministry specific requirements. There are no Biblical training requirements to become a short-term volunteer.

  1. What is AIM’s application process?

For full and short term placements, the initial process will involve completing application forms and references, gaining support from your local church and meeting Bible knowledge requirements, if necessary. AIM staff will then meet with you for a formal interview and carry out medical and security checks. Once approved you will start work on raising your Partnership Team (prayer and financial support) and attend an AIM orientation. AIM’s Personnel Manager will help guide you through this process.

  1. What if I’m interested in a specific African country or ministry?

That’s great! We’ll do our best to offer you assignments that match your vision.  AIM works in more than 22 African countries and among unreached African people living outside of Africa.

  1. I’m not really sure where or to what the Lord is calling me to; is that okay?

Absolutely! We’ll prayerfully work with you to match your skill set and interests with needs on the field.

  1. How long does it take to prepare and what is the cost?

This is chiefly dependent upon the assignment. For full-term missionaries, on average, AIM would recommend spending six months to a year from being accepted, preparing for your assignment; raising your support team, applying for visas and permits can take time. Once you are on assignment your first year will all be about preparation, through language learning, settling up home and forming relationships.

AIM has a budget for each location a missionary could be placed, the budget is dependent upon realistic living costs for that area and will take into consideration your family’s size and needs.

  1. I don’t feel called by God to go to Africa, how else could I get involved?

Pray with us – Our priority is to have people praying for the unreached people of Africa and for our efforts to take the gospel to them and make disciples. is an AIM ministry website full of information, photos and updates on nearly 50 African unreached people groups. Subscribe for regular updates!

Give in support – AIM relies on God’s gifts, given through His people. Finacnial gifts support our workers, our mobilising ministries and our special projects. Visit:

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