Serving FAQ

How is AIM different from other organizations?

Every missions organization is different, and no one organization is necessarily better than another. It’s all about finding the organization that’s a good fit for you. Our missionaries describe AIM as having a “family feel.” Perhaps what’s most unique about AIM is its emphasis on reaching the unreached. Our vision is to see Christ-centered churches among all the peoples of Africa.

What are the requirements to apply with Africa Inland Mission?

You must be a born-again Christian with an active and growing relationship with Jesus Christ; you must be at least 19 years old; you must be able to legally work in Canada; you cannot have been divorced multiple times or within 5 years of your appointment date.

What if I'm interested in a specific country or ministry?

That’s great!  We’ll do our best to offer you assignments that match your vision.

I'm not sure exactly where or to what the Lord is calling me; is that OK?

Absolutely!  We’ll prayerfully work with you to match your skill set and interests with needs on the field.

How do I begin the application process?

The first step is to fill out the Getting to Know You form on our website.  Once we receive the form we’ll contact you, answer your questions, and give you instructions regarding the application process.

How long does the application take/how soon can I be on the field?

The Short-Term application process normally takes 3-6 months. The Full-Term application process normally takes between 4-12 months, with at least another 6 months to raise support before going out to the field.

How much does it cost to go to Africa?

The Short-Term and Full Term application fees are $40.  Africa Inland Mission is a faith mission organization.  As such, both Short-Term and Full-Term missionaries raise prayer and financial support to sustain them on the field. Rough estimates include $6,000 for a Short Term summer team and $18,000 for a year-long individual assignment. Full-Term support targets vary widely based on assignment, location, family size, and length of term, and generally aren’t available until your ministry assignment is finalized. It’s natural to be anxious about raising support, but we walk beside you throughout the fundraising process, and we serve a mighty God.

Will I need to learn another language to go to Africa?

Most assignments offer the exciting opportunity to learn another language. AIM recognizes the value of building relationships and making disciples by communicating with people in their own language. This is especially true for those applying Full-Term. Language learning is part of the TIMO program, and when necessary, language school (in Canada, Africa, or elsewhere) is an option. There are also positions and areas which do not require knowledge of a language other than English, but language learning is always encouraged.

Can I go to Africa while my husband/wife remains in Canada?

We value marriage and families.  As such, AIM’s policy is to send both spouses as a couple even on Short Term assignments.  Both husband and wife should see themselves as engaging in ministry in Africa even though one spouse may be committed to raising the family.  In those cases there is always informal ministry through building relationships in the local community.

Can families do TIMO? (Training In Ministry Outreach)

In general, TIMO is open to singles, couples and families.  Some TIMO teams are not suitable for families due to the isolated location and/or the focus of the team’s ministry.

What are the education options for my children?

Some families home-school their children, some enroll their children in one of AIM’s MK schools (in Kenya, Tanzania, and Chad), and some enroll their children in other private schools or a national school.

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