Welcome to a road less traveled.

Where many a Land Rover and sojourner have trod. Where men and women captivated by Christ’s love brave a journey that begins with a whisper: “Who will go for us?” This road may take you far from the familiar and comfortable. It is an offramp on the highway of the Canadian dream. A detour from career and personal gain. A path so strange you may sometimes feel lost or inadequate. Yet it is a beautiful and priceless journey – this life of simple faith and bold conviction, offered and spent for the glory of God in Africa. Will you join us?

How can I serve?

AIM sends individuals and families in a variety of ways. Specific assignments provide the opportunity to join active ministries with your particular gifting in order to fill a need. Team ministries bring together small to medium-size teams with a particular focus. Often teammates are sent out together as they purpose to serve together in Africa. Most of the ways to serve with AIM have both full-term and short-term options.

Featured Full-Term Opportunities

Full-Term opportunities run from a year to a whole career. They require more commitment, take you deeper, and leave a greater impact – on both you and the people you serve. AIM has hundreds of open opportunities to serve – If you don’t see something that fits your interest, connect with us.

Ready to explore serving with us?

Maybe you feel God leading you to take a step. Or maybe you just don’t know. Either way, we’d love to join you in the discovery.

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Short Term Opportunities

Short Term opportunities allow you to enrich the ministry of those who are serving long term. These assignments also play an important part in reaching the unreached and raising up the next generation of missionaries. If you have a Great Commission heart and are eager to learn more about your place in missions, a short-term assignment is a great place to start. Opportunities run from two weeks to one year.

Individual Ministry Placements

In addition to Short Term Teams and Programs, AIM Short Termers may also serve in individual placements alongside long-term AIM missionaries or African ministry partners. Individual Short Term assignments are designed to match your gifts and interests with a specific need in Africa. Some areas include: ESL, Agriculture, Education, Construction, Dorm parenting, Tech Support, Youth and Sports, Health, Administration, and Arts. Connect with us to find out more about individual placements.


If your degree program requires you to complete an internship, serving with AIM is an opportunity to combine your course requirements with an on-the-ground exposure to life as a missionary. There are opportunities for you to complete your internship in theology, TESOL, business administration, or inter-cultural studies among others. Once we know the requirements of your program, we can match you with a ministry where you be mentored by an experienced missionary or national worker. Connect with us to explore internship opportunities.

Called to long-term ministry but lack the training or experience for the task?

Discover TIMO, a one-of-a-kind missions training program.

Born out of Africa Inland Mission’s heart for reaching Africa’s unreached, TIMO, or Training In Ministry Outreach, is a 2-3 year training program designed to equip men and women for long-term ministry.

TIMO brings teams of 3 to 12 new missionaries into places of engagement with Africa’s unreached people groups. With the guidance of an experienced team leader, and at times, working with national church partners, each team sets out to learn language and culture as they work through TIMO’s specialized curriculum.

Discover why serving now may be the best, next thing you can do.

In your fifties or sixties and wondering if missions is still an option?

10 Ways to Serve with AIM

Africa Inland Mission has hundreds of opportunities among a rich array of ministries.

Most areas offer options for both Full Term and Short Term service. Connect and let us explore the possibilities with you.

#1   Outreach and Church Planting

Outreach and Church Planting are central to all that we are as a mission. We need dedicated men and women with a heart passion for reaching others with the Good News of Jesus Christ to live and work in hard places – both remote rural regions and dense urban centers. People willing to work hard to learn the heart language and culture of their host people and enjoy developing relationships along the way. AIM mobilizes teams through our two-year TIMO (Training In Ministry Outreach) program and through longer-term outreach and church planting teams, often consisting of men and women from a number of disciplines using their varied skill sets as a means of reaching communities for Christ.

#2   Theological Education and Discipleship


There is a great need to equip African church leaders, preachers, and evangelists so that they can serve their churches well and be a part of reaching the unreached through Biblical teaching and Christlike discipleship. Theological Education in Africa takes on many forms: Institutions at university, secondary, and primary levels; Residential and distance learning programs; Evening schools, internet programs, weekly decentralized classes, and periodic seminars for the continuing training of Bible school graduates.

#3   Creative Access / Business as Mission

God is opening incredible doors for Christian men and women to live and work in nations closed to traditional mission outreach but open to entrepreneurs who can add value to their communities as business people. Business As Mission provides a wonderful opportunity for workers to live intentional Christian lives as they conduct business and build relationships in the communities where they serve.

#4   Diaspora Ministry

Reaching Africa’s hardest-to-reach people groups does not always mean a move to Africa. Today, millions of Africans live outside of Africa, in North America, Europe, and around the globe – the African diaspora. AIM’s Diaspora Outreach Teams serve in strategic communities where significant populations of ethnic Africans live, sharing the hope of Christ in word and deed. Because many of these Africans come from countries that are closed to the gospel, diaspora ministry provides an open door to serve among some of Africa’s remaining unreached peoples.

#5  Youth Ministry

Research has shown that around the world, 80% of Christians trusted Christ between the ages of 4 and 14 – a demographic that has come to be known as the “4/14 Window.” On a continent where nearly half the population falls within this window, the opportunities for youth ministry are tremendous and can have a huge impact on the present and future Church. AIM has opportunities to work with Africa’s children through education and a range of service and outreach programs.

#6   Teaching in National Schools

If you’re a teacher with a heart for missions and youth, serving in a national school brings the opportunity to be a light for Jesus Christ among those who represent the future of the African continent. National schools invite AIM personnel to teach a wide range of grade levels and traditional subjects, as well as religious education. Connect with us to see what opportunities we may currently have to serve through national education.

#7   Agriculture and Community Development

Many African communities lack basic necessities like clean drinking water, a good supply of firewood, or nourishing vegetables from a healthy garden. If you have skills in community development or agriculture, AIM has opportunities for you to make a difference in Jesus’ name. AIM personnel work to improve communities by teaching improved farming methods, finding reliable water supplies, teaching reforestation methods, as well as through community health education.

#8   Medical Ministries

Africa Inland Mission’s medical ministries take on many forms, from mobile clinics providing basic medical care in isolated communities to work in large hospitals providing complex surgeries, longer-term care, education, and prevention. In addition to meeting incredible physical needs, AIM’s medical ministries play a central role in opening doors for other ministries and in developing the African church. There are opportunities to train and disciple African medical professionals and opportunities to introduce those under your care to Christ.

#9   Support Services

Missions requires a team effort, and many of AIM’s personnel play a vital role in our overall ministry through the support services they provide. Some are pilots, flying supplies into remote airstrips. Others make sure our computers and communication systems stay up and running. Counselors, Administrators, even Media Producers. All are crucial to the task, and much of what we do in establishing Christ-centered churches among all African peoples wouldn’t be possible without our support services teammates.

#10   Ministry to Missionary Children

Africa Inland Mission is deeply committed to providing a broad range of quality educational options for the children of our missionary team. School teachers, dorm parents, school administrators, support staff, and team MK teachers all play an integral part in AIM’s overall ministry as they invest themselves in the children of our missionaries. If God has equipped you for this unique aspect of ministry, we’d love to explore the opportunities with you.