Opportunities to Serve

Belgium TIMO Team Member



Belgium is an increasingly diverse country and many different Muslim people groups are now living in diaspora throughout the country. The Belgium TIMO Team members will focus on building relationships and seeking opportunities to share the gospel and disciple new believers. The team will also support the local Flemish churches in their own outreach, partnering to reach these groups. Team members will live in multicultural neighborhoods and aim to learn one of the primary languages spoken in Belgium: Dutch or French. Many immigrants and refugees are also learning language, and team members may find that they can build friendships with others in their classes. The TIMO program is intended to prepare workers for long term cross-cultural ministry, and those participating in this team should come with an outlook toward ongoing diaspora ministry in Belgium or elsewhere.


Belgium, Europe

Personal Characteristics and Qualifications

Must be passionate about disciple-making, casting vision, and partnering with national believers to grow the disciple-making movement in Belgium and beyond. Someone who comes as a learner; displays sacrificial love; strong prayer life; able to help others develop their gifts. Has a strong passion for Christ and making His name known; flexibility; humility; eagerness to learn. Someone who is able to take initiative and is a self starter.

Jan 17, 2019