Opportunities to Serve

N’Djamena ESL Teaching Team Member



Over one million people live in the capital city of N’Djamena, which has become a melting pot for the country. The Christians and Muslims live & work together peacefully but with minimal interaction.

Team members will teach English using Chronological Bible Stories at a well-established training center in the city. Through this unique platform, we will prayerfully work with God in broadly sowing His Word both in and outside of class – discipling the students that the Holy Spirit is calling to Himself. Some of this discipling may be in the form of one-on-one Bible study at team members’ houses, or in the form of small group Bible study as the Lord gives opportunity. Aside from current student relationships, team members are encouraged to engage and disciple previous students, neighbors, language helpers, friends and whoever God may bring into their sphere of influence.

Though all teaching responsibilities will be done in English, all team members will be required to begin their ministry time by studying Chadian Arabic. This will show the community that they desire and value relationships with them. Language study will continue throughout the team duration.


N’Djamena, Chad

Personal Characteristics and Qualifications

French language skills would be helpful, but not a requirement.

Required: ESL Certification

Jan 9, 2018