Opportunities to Serve

Portland Diaspora Team Member



Serve Africans and other immigrants through a Portland-based community center offering a number of different services including: ESL, computer classes, citizenship classes, and driver’s education classes. This popular center offers separate classes for men and women as well as a child care program that runs simultaneously for the 1-5 year olds who have nowhere to go during their mother’s classes. Through the platform that the community center provides, and living in community among unreached African immigrants, team members will seek to build relationships that open doors to share the gospel and make disciples.


Portland, OR USA

Personal Characteristics and Qualifications

Men and women who can teach ESL, computer, citizenship classes, and driver’s education classes as a means of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with Portland’s immigrant community.
Creative, self-motivated, able to take initiative, able to ask questions or for direction when appropriate; ability to thrive as part of a team and in a ministry setting; ‘team player’, resilient, proven consistent walk with God and godly lifestyle; someone with a heart for working with Muslims.

Dec 21, 2017