Short Term Opportunities to Serve


Ongoing need. Dates are open.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Opportunities to Serve, Support and Disciple:
More than a century ago, Africa Inland Mission planted a church in DR Congo that today, despite the nation’s decades of rebellion, war, dictatorship, ethnic violence, and famine, is over a million members strong. While thriving in some areas, the church in other regions still lacks maturity and deals with tribalism and syncretism. Bible schools are struggling, and young people remain unaware of their call to serve Christ. Children and the vulnerable are often neglected or ignored.

Africa Inland Mission works directly with churches, pastors, ministries, cell groups, worship teams, prayer groups, and others, to equip leaders and emerging leaders for ministry, seeking to train, teach, and encourage. As part of this work, we have ongoing needs for short-term personnel to serve in the following roles:

  • Children’s Ministry Trainer
  • IT Trainer for Bible Schools
  • Administration Trainer for Pastors
  • Medical Chaplain Trainer

“We believe that the Congolese church will be a powerful sending force of missionaries to their African neighbors, especially to French Africa.”